EventBank is now Glue Up. Learn why we have changed our identity and what it means to you and your community.
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EventBank is now Glue Up.
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Consultancy Firm Event Management Software

thought leadership
and influence decision making

Engage with clients and accelerate growth with Glue Up’s all-in-one engagement software.

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Forward-looking teams choose Glue Up

Why Consulting Firms
stick with Glue Up

An all-in-one software built to accelerate your growth and increase business value.

Glue Up helps you influence decision making
Glue Up helps you provide seamless event experiences
Glue Up helps you engage with your customers
Glue Up helps you manage all your operations in one place
Best-in-class event management with Glue Up
What's included?

Management Suite

With Glue Up, we automate the busywork so you can expand your business.

Event Management


Email Campaigns

Invoicing & Payments


Mobile Apps

Glue Up Helps you amplify expertise through email campaigns

Amplify expertise and be a trusted resource

Create meaningful content that provides high-touch experiences that influence decision making.

Email Campaigns

Content Editor

Brand Consistency

Member-only Subscription

Glue Up helps you deliver betterr online and offline events in one place
Event Management

All-in-one event management software

Manage hundreds of events large and small efficiently from the initial idea to the follow up after the event, and deliver a premium event experience to your members and attendees.

Professional Event Templates

Event Community

Targeted Campaigns

Post-event Survey

Glue Up helps you understand client behavior
Data Analytics

Make Smarter Decisions

Understand client behavior and overall engagement at an individual or account level.

Engagement History

Industry Segmentation

Sales Forecast

Opportunity Stages

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